• Shadows

    Etching. 15" x 40"; 40 cm x 100 cm.

    These prints are born from an unconventional process of printing in which multiple plates leave multiple impressions on one piece of paper that has been folded, duplicating part of the image or allowing only parts of the plate to print. Playing with color, ink marks and the specificity of working on paper generates infinite possibilities for an image to be born out of traces.

    The imagery of these series ties into my preoccupation with the dichotomy between materiality and immateriality and the forms it could be represented in a bi-dimensional space. Form this point of view I find the shadow a fascinating element of our spatial life.

    What is a shadow? A trace, a sign in which we can read our own reality. It is a symbol of our material existence. In the visible universe of form and delineation the shadow exists in an ideal state: at the half way between material and immaterial.