• Immaterial State of Being

    Etching. 20" x 40"50 cm x 100 cm

    The imagery comes from my interest in the elemental unit of the bi-dimensional image: the dot.  A moving dot generates a line, which is an abstraction; it is the most basic form of an idea. These images are generated by an accumulation of individual lines, small little actions that left a mark. One line doesn’t express anything; but the moment it is associated with others, gains direction and a sense in space. All together generate they a world.

    Here, there are two types of images: the image that has been etched onto the plate and the final printed image. The first one is static. From the moment it was “carved” in the metal plate it will remain unchanged. It is a stopped moment in time. The printed image is the result of a process of permutations. Each pass through the press changes the image of the plate by associating it with different ones on paper. One plate creates new images every time.